KARMENstudio is an aquaculture AI FISH & NETS video inspection software

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KARMENstudio news: Introducing SALmor App – Instant Salmon Mortality Tracking with AI Technology

Get fish and infrastructure data in NEAR-REAL TIME from videos recorded with ANY CAMERA/ROV*

*we developed recording protocols creating ideal videos for AI video analysis without compromising the quality of output data

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Save money, increase yields and improve fish health:

• save up to 30% on cages cleaning

• count fish in transfers with 95% accuracy and in up to 300% less time

• reduce copper release to protect the environment and improve ESG score

• fullfill legal requirements easily and accuratelly

• use only one video to count fish and estimate biomass

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We can analyze videos captured by ANY CAMERA/ROV you already have
- no need to invest in hardware

Using a powerful combination of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, ADVANCED PHYSICAL MODELING AND MACHINE LEARNING, KARMENstudio helps you make well-informed and precise decisions about all vital parameters of your aquaculture.

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After receiving your video, we will analyze it and send you a custom report in up to 3 days
Fouling report – Precisely locates areas that need cleaning
Fish during transfers – Fish count with a 95% accuracy

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How it works?

Capture a video of cages/transfer
with ANY underwater ROV/camera you have!
Upload your video
to your dashboard in KARMENstudio
Download your report
in near real-time from our web app.

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We help you make your aquaculture business sustainable!

Track fouling and remove it before it spreads – 30% less frequent cleaning of the cages significantly reduces the release of copper, protecting sea beds and sea-life

Less frequent net cleaning disturbs the fish less



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Frequently asked questions

Initially, it is around 95% accurate. But, with machine learning, precision improves with time, reaching even higher accuracy.

Our software can work with any type of video. However, we do have certain recording protocols that will help you capture a video that is more suited to our algorithm. We organize a short learning session for all our customers to teach them how to use our simple protocol.

Our software will work well with recordings captured with almost any camera, but we have a recording protocol we recommend to our clients for the purpose of achieving the best quality and the best source for a precise analysis.

We have experience with many types of fish, and we easily adapt to any species.

We also work with square cages.

We count fish during all types of transfers – it makes no difference to us where the fish is being transferred from and to.