Introducing SALmor App – Instant Salmon Mortality Tracking with AI Technology

In the relm of AI application in aquaculture, SALmor app, is the solution for instant salmon mortality tracing and counting during veterinary operations.

Manual counting and thumb rule estimations are gone for Njord Aqua team. SALmor app brings real-time, accurate monitoring to the fish cage, ensuring healthier stocks and streamlined operations.

The Problem: Traditional Methods Fall Short

Traditional methods of monitoring salmon mortality within fish cages have long relied on manual estimations and approximations. During the veterinary operations on salmon cage, aquaculture inspectors often spent hours watching real time video footage from the bottom of the cage, trying to tally the number of dead salmon. This method not only consumed valuable time but also lacked precision and consistency. Estimating mortality rates using thumb rules left room for errors.

The Solution: SALmor App Transforms the Landscape

SALmor app revolutionizes mortality tracking with cutting-edge AI technology. Our app offers live, real-time video streaming directly from the fish cage, enabling instant monitoring of salmon mortality rate. The app is designed to trace and count dead fish as they roll down the cage net. This level of accuracy ensures that no mortality event goes unnoticed, allowing for prompt intervention and minimizing losses.

Customization and AI Expertise

SALmor app is customized for Njord Aqua fleat of ROV, we, KARMENstudio team, ensured seamless integration with their existing systems.

Real-time Alerts for Proactive Intervention

One of the most powerful features of the SALmor app is its ability to send real-time alerts. Should the mortality rate per 2 minutes reach 20 fish, you’ll receive an instant binking notification, allowing you to take immediate action. This proactive approach can significantly impact the overall health of salmon population in the cage and improve your operational efficiency.

Benefits of SALmor App:

Real-time Monitoring: Live video streaming enables continuous surveillance of fish mortality.

Accurate Tracking: AI-powered counting ensures accurate mortality data, eliminating estimation errors.

Customization: Applicable to be trined to any ROVs/cameras, tailored to your aquaculture setup.

Prompt Alerts: Instant notifications enable timely intervention to prevent potential issues.

Improved Efficiency: Streamlined operations free up resources for other essential tasks.

Data-Driven Decisions: Access to accurate data empowers informed decision-making.

Reporting: we offer after each streaming/monitoring extensive table and graph report of fish mortalty.

The limitations of traditional salmon mortality tracking methods are over. Embracing the power of AI-driven technology with SALmor app and taking better control of fish cage operations. With precise data, real-time monitoring, and proactive alerts, Njord Aqua can ensure the  salmon veterinary operations to go smoother!  Experience the future of aquaculture with SALmor app.