Custom solutions

Tired of spending endless hours manually analyzing your aquaculture videos? Imagine a world where you unlock the power of artificial intelligence to expand your perception, gain valuable insights, save time, and maximize the potential of your aquaculture operations.

Introducing our cutting-edge service: Personalized/Customized AI Video Analysis for Aquaculture. Whether you’re breeding fish, cultivating aquatic plants, or managing underwater structures, our tailored AI solutions are here to assist you:

Precision Measurements:
No more approximations and guesswork. Our AI algorithms precisely measure sizes, lengths, and dimensions, equipping you with data-driven decisions for enhanced outcomes.

Effortless Counting and Tracing:
Counting or tracing fish, larvae, or any aquatic organisms has never been simpler. Our AI technology swiftly recognizes and counts individuals, ensuring you gain a comprehensive understanding of your population.

Structure Detection: 
Identify and analyze underwater structures automatically. Our AI pinpoints critical features, aiding you in assessing their significance and making well-informed adjustments.

Amplified Attention: 
Draw attention to noteworthy elements in your videos. Our solutions highlight areas of interest and send alerts, empowering you to concentrate on pivotal aspects and optimize your operations.

Tailored Solutions: 
We comprehend the uniqueness of every aquaculture setup (ROV/camera, environment, structure of interest). Our team collaborates closely with you to craft customized AI models that cater to your specific needs, ensuring utmost value and relevance.

Master Your Aquaculture Game: 
Stay ahead of the curve and propel your aquaculture enterprise into the future with AI-empowered video analysis. Save time, make data-driven decisions, and achieve remarkable results.

Ready to experience the transformation? Dive into a new era of aquaculture today!

Have inquiries, or are you just curious? Contact us at to learn more about how our AI solutions can revolutionize your aquaculture endeavors.

Examples of customized apps: