Get the most accurate estimation of the biomass of your fish in near real-time using any stereo camera you have.
During fish transfers and in cage or raceway conditions.

We provide cutting-edge services for obtaining highly accurate biomass estimations of your fish in near real-time. With the flexibility to use any two sets of stereo cameras, we offer two distinct methods for estimating fish biomass based on your specific needs.

In cage or raceway conditions, our expertise allows us to provide biomass estimations based on a recorded sample of fish swimming near the two sets of stereo cameras. Through sophisticated analysis, we utilize the recorded data to estimate the biomass of the entire fish population in the cage. Whether fish are swimming by the cameras or positioned on top of them, our system captures the necessary information for accurate estimations.

During fish transfers, our automated system excels at both automatically counting fish and selecting a representative fish sample for 3D landmark measurements. Using advanced algorithms, we automatically identify approximately 20-30% of the fish in the transfer for precise biomass analysis. By analyzing the mass distribution of this carefully chosen representative sample, we can accurately estimate the mass of the entire fish population being transferred.

At KARMENstudio, we combine state-of-the-art technology with our deep understanding of fish biomass estimation to deliver reliable and timely results. Trust us to provide you with the most precise and efficient solutions for obtaining biomass estimations of your fish.

We understand that different species of fish grown in aquaculture cages may exhibit unique morphological characteristics due to their genetic pool and the environmental conditions where they grow. That’s why we have developed an AI-trained algorithm that can adapt to the specific morphological traits of each fish species originating from the same broodstock and grown in a similar environmental location.

Our process begins with initial recordings of the fish, allowing our algorithm to fine-tune and learn the distinct morphological features of each species. By meticulously analyzing and incorporating this data, our algorithm becomes highly customized and specialized in estimating the biomass of the particular fish species from the same brood stock.

With the aid of a double system of stereo cameras positioned both laterally and underneath the fish within the cage or raceways, we capture detailed information from multiple angles. This comprehensive approach enables us to accurately measure the lateral dimensions and thickness of the fish, facilitating precise biomass estimation for different aquaculture fish species.

At KARMENstudio, we pride ourselves on combining cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge to deliver reliable and customized biomass data for various aquaculture fish species. Trust us to provide you with the most accurate and tailored solutions for your biomass estimation needs.