Questions and answers

How accurate is your software?

Initially, it is around 95% accurate. But, with machine learning, precision improves with time, reaching even higher accuracy.

Does the recording method impact the precision of the analysis?

Our software can work with any video. But we have our recording protocols that help you capture a video better adjusted to our algorithm. We train our users through a short learning session to use our simple protocol.

How can I check if my underwater camera is good enough to provide a sufficiently precise recording for the KARMENstudio analysis?

Our software works well with almost any camera. But we can recommend you a recording protocol that achieves the best quality and provides the best source for a precise analysis.

Does it matter what kind of fish we farm?

We have experience with many types of fish, and we easily adapt to any species.

Do you only work with round cages?

We also work with square cages.

Do you count the fish during the transfer from the fishing net to transport cages or only from cage to cage?

We count fish during all types of transfers – it makes no difference to us where the fish is being transferred from and to.

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