NJORD AQUA AS: innovative aquaculture inspection services – fleets of ROVs remotely operated from the Bergen area

Njord Aqua AS headquarter feels like a Star Trek scene – pilots operating ROVs across Norwegian fish farms, and everything goes smoothly – because one of the biggest obstacles to high-tech solutions in aquaculture is now a matter of past. 

Oyvind’s team developed a robust infrastructure that provides secure multiple wi-fi signals from all different operators. 

The system switches between them to ensure a non-stop highest quality signal and remote control of ROVs.

Without ever losing connection with the ROV, pilots easily and confidently cover every centimeter of the cage, providing the most precise video recording, ideal for AI video processing.

Innovative robust infrastructure allowing pilots to remotely operate from headquarters their fleet of ROVs anywhere in the Norwegian sea is a prerequisite for further advancement of precision aquaculture solutions, such as the KARMENstudio Biofouling module.

Remotely operated ROVs reduce costs – pilots do not need to travel and they can record several videos daily, regardless of the locations of the fish farms.

NJORD AQUA AS Innovation with a big impact on fish farm daily operations

Fast, affordable, and precise video recording enables fish farms to inspect their infrastructure and fish wellbeing more frequently, while our software provides fast and precise reports in near-real time.

With such valuable inputs, aquaculture experts got augmented eyes – data to make the best decisions, improving fish well-being, sustainability, and profitability of the business.

For more information about Njord Aqua AS, please visit their website.

NJORD AQUA AS AND KARMENstudio – inspiring cooperation on Biofouling module development

We’re proud and grateful for the opportunity to work with Oyvind Lernes, CEO of Nord Aqua AS, an innovative and forward-thinking aquaculture inspection company, and his team.

We were impressed by the dexterity and precision of Njord Aqua’s ROV pilots. They quickly and promptly performed very demanding protocol tests. Their levels of experience, competence, and pragmatism have often left us speechless.

Our Biofouling module was developed during our year-and-a-half collaboration, supported by Innovation Norway. Decades of Oyvind’s experience, competencies, and highest-quality ROV inspection solutions developed by Njord Aqua AS were integrated into the state-of-the-art Biofouling automatic detection.

Photos from: Njord Aqua AS