KARMENstudio AQUACULTURE – introducing our AI solution to the Fish farm inspections (ROV) industry!

Our platform KARMENstudio for custom automatic image analysis with AI and machine learning solutions got a new field of application in Fish Farm Inspections.

Thanks to the work with our partners in Norway and Chile, fish farm inspections with underwater stationary cameras, mobile cameras, and ROVs will improve the objectivity and speed of inspections of the underwater fish farm infrastructure and biomass.

Experienced ROV operators usually analyze the videos by eye for hours. By training the AI software solutions using machine learning, we are integrating the operators’ extensive experience into our custom algorithms, shortening the time the operator spends on one cage, and incorporating the AI solution’s objective measurement.

We are striving for more efficient inspections by obtaining objective measurements with image/video analyses. Following the customization and verification of our services practically in real-time, we objectively analyze the conditions of the underwater infrastructures, which leads to:

  • Better and more timely decision-making
  • Significant savings on production and operation costs of fish farms
  • Preventing additional damage or stress to the fish inside the cages
  • Improving animal welfare
  • Protecting the environment
  • Meeting the GREEN standards

*Only current platforms for image and video capturing are used (stationary cameras, mobile cameras, and ROVs).


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