Clean your nets in time – use the KARMENstudio AI tool to make data-based decisions

The holy grail of biofouling management is, as in everything else, prevention, early detection, and timely reactions. But, with existing and commonly used aquaculture biofouling management solutions, that is not possible.

The most widespread solutions include using copper alloy meshes (antifouling on nets) and regular cleaning of the entire nets. Frequent cleaning stresses fish and causes copper release, which is detrimental to the seabed and can impact fish health. And, of course – it is expensive.

A better alternative – cleaning on a need basis and at the right time

KARMENstudio AI tool enables better biofouling management, providing accurate data about fouling location and stage. It also collects information that helps you predict the spreading rate and decide when (and where) the cleaning is necessary.

We use your videos recorded for net holes detection by any ROV/camera you already have – there is no need for additional hardware investments or recordings.

KARMENstudio Biofouling Report, generated in a few hours from video upload, contains a detailed heatmap showing where exactly biofouling is and at what stage. By clicking at the most overgrown biofouling position on the heatmap, you can open an original image (extracted from your video) of the part of your net and see how it looks. That helps you make informed decisions based on accurate and timely data.

By collecting data, KARMENstudio can help your predict when biofouling organisms enter the reproductive phase.

In the illustration below, you can see 14 images of one part of the net (4 m wide) we recorded during 84 days, to observe fouling development. Growth is slow at first, but in one moment it becomes exponential, which strongly correlates with oxygen levels and consequently fish health. KARMENstudio tool helps you plan and prioritize cleaning to react before biofouling growth escalates.

Precise data and prediction tools provide valuable inputs helping you prioritize and plan cleaning activities.

The graph below shows a knee or elbow of a growing curve, when the growth, due to reproduction, becomes exponential.

Only in 2-3 days Fouling overgrowht can jump from 2 (green) to 5 or 6 (orange/red).

KARMENstudio tool provides all vital data about biofouling – location, stage, and spreading predictions, helping you make decisions about where and when to clean your cages.

Cleaning on a need basis is sustainable and cost-effective. Less frequent cleaning prevents copper release, contributing to environmental protection and fish sustainability. Clean nets are vital for fish health – managing biofouling with KARMENstudio tools provides better fish health and higher yield. Cleaning on a need basis and before biofouling spreads saves up to 30% on your annual cleaning costs.

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