Biofouling management costs

ROV and AI synergy significantly reduces fish farm biofouling management costs.

There are no easy solutions for biofouling in aquaculture. Biofouling is a problem for fish farm cages because it lowers fish cage oxygenation and causes severe adverse effects on fish welfare.

Anti-fouling treatments require significant investments which substantially increase production costs. We can significantly reduce these costs with regular remote-operated-vehicle (ROV) surveillance paired with artificial intelligence in image&video processing.

Large and diverse populations of biofouling species increase the risk of fish infection and complicate appropriate treatment. It is possible to classify different types of biofouling using regular ROV cameras and automatic image analyses. Typical on-site cleaning by divers cannot, for instance, remove biofouling caused by hydroids – root-like branches of undersea plants that firmly stick to the cage’s net structures. Early detection of such species is crucial for fish farmers. We use a successful combination of ROV and AI to detect and classify this type of biofouling. No additional investment in new equipment is required. Fish farmers can rely on our solutions to help them intervene at the right time and in the right place to prevent the further expansion of hydroids.

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