Automatic detection of the fouling – biomaterial overgrowth; from the ROV cage inspection video

Customized for any ROV inspection camera videos.

Inspections of the aquaculture cages in the fish farm sector are done by ROV (remote-operating vehicle representing; a robotic submarine with a camera).

Extensive and lengthy videos are analyzed by experienced experts – operators, for several hours to give recommendations/reports to fish farmers.

When the fouling biomass algae, corals, etc. is too high, oxygen level inside the cage drops heavily, reducing the necessary oxygen for a fish population within the cage.

So far, it is recommended to clean all nets once every 1-2 weeks. This cleaning cost is substantial and brings stress to fish and pollution with cooper from net antifouling to the sea.We offer an objective measurement instead of estimations. Our KARMENstudio report shows simply how much fouling is overgrown on the fish pen nets.

KARMENstudio Fouling Ration service can automatically detect fouling overgrowth from any ROV cage inspection video!

We can use your regular inspection video (looking for the net holes) to detect the fouling too. It’s fast. It’s Simple green-to-red heat map report.

And you can make the decision when and where to clean the nets.
You can save up to 30% on the costs of cleaning – clean when necessary, not regularly.

  • it makes fouling spread slowly.
  • stress less the fish (with cleaning noise)
  • less copper will be released to the environment by washing less.

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