AI in Aquaculture

*Customized image processing for any underwater ROV/camera

Double-digit % savings on processes

NO additional investment in hardware

High-quality and fast data processing

Bold steps to sustainable 2030 Agenda goals

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Solution for fouling:

We are developing custom automatic AI analysis of underwater ROV/camera video materials to inspect the fish tanks fouling over-growth.

  • secure net-cleaning only on a need-to basis (instead of at fixed intervals as is the case today)
  • to provide objective measures
  • reduces costs (done only when needed),
  • improve animal welfare; secures sufficient oxygen levels for the fish and do as little disturbance for fish as possible
  • protects the environment (reduce the spill of copper based anti-fouling to the seabed)
    The primary effect: reduced use of anti-fouling, specifically copper-based resin, needed to clean the nets.

Demo solutions:


Measurement of daily fish mortality (bottom of the cage).

Dead fish is lying at the bottom of the cage. We detect each fish at each frame of the video. We time-trace each fish for the position in the cage and the counting. Colorful tracing lines (left) show relative position while tracing each dead fish for counting. The color of the tracing lines corresponds with the color of the marking on the fish (right)

Presence/detection of details on Salmon video

By tracing such a small and specific structure/feature on the foreground fishes on the video – like the fisheye, we demonstrated the ability to detect any other structures like a presence/detection of Salmon Lice’s (Caligus) or other illnesses or deformations.

Counting and tracing each fish

We detect and subsequently trace the new fish. We also give an estimated number of fish in optically dense fish clusters!

This example demonstrates the power of detection and tracing in time moving fish in the cage! Our AI-based solution brings an efficient method to count fish in the fish tank daily!

Salmon spot Uniq patterns detection

Analysing details on the selected fish; even in the deep and dark waters, KARMENstudio can distinguish the unique pattern of the spots on the salmon back, scale many details and estimate the biomass.

Our Services:

  1. Detection & Categorization
    We pre-process, segment, classify and phenotype complex visual structures using physical models, machine learning, mapping, and geo-positioning.
  2. Measurements & Metrics
    We provide each user with a wide range of tailor-made metrics such as area, distance, landmark positioning, density, uniformity, ratio, branching levels, time-lapse, and many more
  3. Forecasting & Modeling
    We set a unique model to forecast events of interest and to estimate how likely they would happen on a timescale.

All services are:
• Tailor-made for each user
• Fully automatic
• Effective for real environmental conditions
• Used for any ROV/cameras

Customized automated reporting
• Simple and functional presentations
• Adapted for each user

KARMENstudio is built for scientific & industrial DATA

The range and volume of data that can be imported and exported are significant.

We fully support the following file types:

  • Full-range images, full-range video formats;
  • 360° images from various camera types 
  • Document file formats including .doc, .pdf, .xls, .csv, etc.
  • 3D models (like .OBJ or .DAE, etc)
  • Hyperspectral layers/markers of the same fields (up to 100 layers)

We combine AI with other techniques to solve a problem

  • AQUACULTURE assets are complex, and the real world is noisy!
  • We spend time understanding the roots of the problem!

We combine multiple approaches and techniques to solve complex problems.

We create:

  • Physical models
  • Sets of image processing approaches
  • Multiple approaches and techniques such as:
    • Computer vision
    • Geo-Positioning
    • Our own Artificial Intelligence solutions

Private Label

  • Tailor-made and fully automatic.
  • We are all about customization!
  • Dedicated AWS server for each customer


Biofouling management costs

ROV and AI synergy bring significant reduction on fish farm biofouling management…...

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Fish farm inspections (ROV) can meet GREENER standards with AI solutions!

Fouling is the multitude of organisms growing on the fish farm nets...

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Machine learning training for Fish farm inspections (ROV) integrates extensive ROV operator’s experience into the AI solution!

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Visualization of measured values for Fish farm inspections (ROV)

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What KARMENstudio can help you to achieve

Objective and faster analysis of your digital image/video assets
Generate revenue and improve forecasting
Reduce the personnel time and cost

About us

KARMENstudio team - committed to bringing solutions to help

We're Innovative
We have created more than 160 custom image analysis scripts for a broad range of complex image structures and metrics, including advanced solutions for the scientific community with exceptional efficiency.

We're Professional
We have background education and experience in physics, data science, statistics, modeling, machine learning, automatization, instrument design, and optimization. We combine multiple approaches and techniques to solve a single problem.

We're Pragmatic
We spent time trying to understand and restrict the problem. We create physical models and a set of image processing approaches. AI-based solutions are integrated into a workflow. We deliver fully automatic analysis and reporting presented in various formats.

We have a core team of 6 dedicated scientists, entrepreneurs, and developers.

Ana Bedalov

Physicist (CEO & Founder)

Saša Kijuk

Head Software Developer

  • 25 years of experience in image analysis
  • very skilled machine/deep learning developer

Tonći Kozina

Signal analysis engineer

  • 22 years experience in signal analysis, analytical operations, and development for military purposes.
  • experienced app automatization developer

Ana Bacelj


  • MSc astrophysics
  • very precize, selfdriven and creative
  • image analysis specialist

Denis Zorić


  • experience in logistic protocols and statistics
  • IP and transfer of technology

Jelena Radić

Automatization engineer

  • responsible for optimization of the the server/human workers.  
  • very pragmatic and direct mind!

KARMENstudio team

We are here to provide you with AI ( machine learning ) tools for fully automatic, fast, and objective image/video analysis!

Oriented to your needs!

Solving accurately your problems!