You would have to :

  • Send us a short email and we will reply with a personalized link to our cloud to upload your image/video data.
  • Upload your first sample
  • Give us some instructions on at least one example image with marks and/or narrative explanation about what do you want to measure/gain from images.
    • We can also have a brief video call making sure we understand exactly what you would like us to “grab” from the images!

We will:

  • Build a custom protocol for your image/video analysis needs.
  • Send you back DEMO materials (images/clip, tables, stats,..):
  • We will be fast!

Contact us about pricing:

  • After the DEMO, we will send you a quote.
  • We charge building-up custom and trained automatic solutions.
  • Image/video analysis with ready custom solutions is later charged per image/video clip.
  • contact us!


You would have to:

– contact us:‬
-> Leave short instructions ( about  what do you want to measure from images/videos  )

– send us representative, but short image/video material

We will:

– build a custom protocol for your image/video analysis needs

– send you back DEMO materials :

  • with the short explanantion