Automatic cells counting on z-slices with multiple markers

We offer very fast segmentation and classification of multiple, up to 10, markers/layers per field. As a result, we trace each object through z-slices. While in 3D reconstruction we apply the model to count the cells. Each and every additional marker ( layer/ filter) image, of the same field, helps us in the identification of […]

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Mixed-effects model

We offer a different statistical analysis service for output data from our image analysis. Even for the very complex structure data, we can apply statistical models. We deliver tables, graphs, plots,…! For example, if your data has many independent variables. Many dependant variables, plus control. If variations exist on different group and subgroup levels. Therefore, linear regression […]

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Track cells on 2D/3D

Do you trace your cells on 2D/3D – z-stacks? We use a smart structure classification on each z-stack layer and reconstruct the 3D appearance. It’s very fast and well-trained (machine learning). We have incredibly precise counting and tracing methods for structures sitting on top of each other!

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Sholl analysis

Automatic Sholl analysis of individual neurons. Segmentation and classification of each neuron enable us to distinguish Sholl circle cuts of one neuron to count signals from another one in the range. Another example of the Sholl analysis with automatic segmentation and classification on pyramidal neurons

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We offer service for custom automatic segmentation and classification of neurons. Calculating different branching schemes; full skeleton, the perimeter of contours describing neuron, fitt soma body size, the position of each endpoint, nods, branching points, individual lengths of branches, Sholl analysis, and many other morphological measurements.

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Time lapse

We offer a service to analyze time-lapse on your growing samples with the growing/de-growing algorithm. We can measure each pixel your sample moves, grows or de-grows! Fully automatic after the training ( machine learning).

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For a free trial – You would have to:

– Upload up to 6 images from the same sample

– Give us an email contact to send you DEMO feedback

Leave short instructions (image with marks and/or narrative explanation) about  what do you want to measure from images 

We will (in max 48h):

– build a custom protocol for your image analysis needs

– send you back DEMO materials :

  • short video of your images analyzed in KARMENstudio (to be aware of speed), 
  • one of the images with segments and markers on it,
  • for the same image (*.csv) table with the data we have extracted from your image 

** Researchers on COVID-19 topics, we are here to help!

Examples of DEMO materials: