cell counting

We offer very fast segmentation and classification of multiple, up to 10, markers/layers per field. As a result, we trace each object through z-slices. While in 3D reconstruction we apply the model to count the cells.

3D reconstruction
3D reconstruction of the traced cells segments on z-slices

Each and every additional marker ( layer/ filter) image, of the same field, helps us in the identification of certain types of cells. By combining multiple markers in the protocol, we can reach very high efficiency in recognizing them. Including machine learning, we integrate in-house knowledge into the algorithm!

From 3D reconstruction we apply the model to count the cells

Contact KARMENstudio team! “Free_trial”


For a free trial – You would have to:

– Upload up to 6 images from the same sample

– Give us an email contact to send you DEMO feedback

Leave short instructions (image with marks and/or narrative explanation) about  what do you want to measure from images 

We will (in max 48h):

– build a custom protocol for your image analysis needs

– send you back DEMO materials :

  • short video of your images analyzed in KARMENstudio (to be aware of speed), 
  • one of the images with segments and markers on it,
  • for the same image (*.csv) table with the data we have extracted from your image 

** Researchers on COVID-19 topics, we are here to help!

Examples of DEMO materials: